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Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering

Architectural visualization

Graphic demonstration of a future construction using architectural design. It allows you to maximize the full version and see the details if you want to fix them. In essence, architectural visualization allows you to get a photo-realistic image of your proposed project, to assess the costs and ultimately choose the option that better suit the financial potential.

Architectural animation

We have the expertise to create amazing 3D animation services by using modern technology. We have the depth of knowledge, ability and resources to ensure that you have a seamless visual representation (and expression) of your construction project. We have great communication tools that ensures effective communication between us.

Interior visualization

We provides top quality 3d interior visualization services for clients. Our 3D interior rendering and design services offers you the following advantages:

  • Realistic presentations of your project plan.
  • Clear understanding of your project in full details so as to eliminate errors at the very outset.
  • Better analyzing of interior designs and scheduling.
  • Clear understanding of all the aspects of your interior design as regards to the texture and lighting conditions.


3D panorama is a modern imaging tool that is one step ahead when compared with an actual photographic picture. One of its distinct feature is its spherical panorama ability which makes it possible to rotate an image from left to right or even bring a picture nearer and at the same time dispose it far ahead. 3D panorama has an observation angle of 360?180 degrees. This makes it possible to use the computer mouse to rotate an image as much as you want without turning your head around.


At Imams Studio we pay attention to your floor plan needs and requirements to ensure that you have floor plan that is both impressive and easy to use.

  • We provide better image quality, resolution and exciting 3D floor plan designs.
  • We make sure our services matches with your goals in designing your project.
  • We offer the best price and services using the most advanced software and technology.
  • We deliver high end intricate ideas and concepts.

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